Saturday, July 20, 2019

Noon-10pm | 53rd and Harper Court

Art and culture lovers of all ages will be able to immerse themselves in a vendor marketplace, a high impact youth pavilion, three sound stages showcasing a broad playlist, food, and dancing.



Founded in 2002, The 16th Annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party©™ celebrates the spirit of community and togetherness, culminating in this year’s theme, “The Greater Good”. Each year, we dedicate ourselves to presenting a cultural experience that uplifts our community through avenues of partnership, creative collaboration & social engagement. Over the years, the Block Party has grown into a vibrant and thriving affair, offering itself as a launchpad and space-making opportunity for emerging and established artists from the vast reaches of Chicagoland. “The Greater Good” honors a sense of sacrifice for the sake of unity and collective ownership. Silver Room Sound System Block Party©™ is an acknowledgement and celebration of the rich & diverse culture of our city and a testament to the great work that can be done when people come together for the sake of building.

This year, we're proud to partner for the fourth time with Downtown Hyde Park Chicago (Special Service Area #61) and the University of Chicago to present the 16th Annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party©™ on Saturday, July 20, 2019. For residents and visitors alike, Downtown Hyde Park is not simply a commercial corridor found in any Chicago neighborhood... Downtown Hyde Park is its own small town - embracing and supporting a rich blend of shopping, dining, cultural attractions and business services - that invites those who walk its streets to experience the neighborhood's storied history of eclecticism, warmth and individuality. 


Now located in the heart of Hyde Park (previously in Wicker Park’s shopping district), The Silver Room©™ is much more than a retail storefront, offering an eclectic mix of handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing, art and music — much of it a representation of a diverse group of local artisans, in addition to international artists and designers. In 1997, Owner Eric Williams opened TSR in an effort to redefine the original parameters of a traditional retail operation by taking a community focus — providing a gathering place, event space and artist gallery for the neighborhood. This business plan proved to be a successful one and TSR has grown to be the touchstone for many in Chicago for community, culture and arts, as well as a well-respected and highly recommended, local boutique