STAGE 1 @ 53rd + Old Lake Park

Noon Intonation
12:45p Low-End Theory
1:15p Daily Meat Supply
2:00p She Through Me Ancestor Soiree
3:30p Chicago Sinfonietta Orchestrate
4:15p The Independents feat. Brittney Carter, Philmore Green, Neak, Thaione Davis, King Drive
5:30p Masta Ace & Marco Polo
6:30p Papo Santiago
7:30p Tobe Nwigwe

8:00p Ron Trent (Close out)


STAGE 2 @ 52nd + Harper

Noon Amplify Youth Arts Showcase
2:30 Muntu Dance Theatre
3:00p Alexis Lombre
4:00p KING HEDLEY II monologues
4:30p Billy Branch + special guest
5:15p Kristiana Colón
5:30p For Colored Girls Feat. Melody Angel
6:00p Brotha El
6:30p Bomba con Buya
7:30p avery r. young
8:30p Growing Concerns Poetry Collective
9:00p Ang13 | Urbanized Music


STAGE 3 @ 53rd + Dorchester

Noon Kids W.A.Y. Acting Academy
12:45 After School Matters
1:00p B Vax
2:30p Lee Farmer
3:45p "Reggae Dance Jam" Hosted by Lady Sol & Friends
4:45p The TriiBE
5:45p Ron Carroll
6:45p Anthony Nicholson
8:00p Vic Spencer
8:45p small World collective


THE SILVER ROOM @ 1506 E 53rd St

11:00a AM Darryl Spivey
Noon Dave Sabat
1:00p DJ Kenny Ray
2:00p Mark Fulla Flava
3:00p DJ Lil Jon
4:00p Braxton Holmes
5:00p Vick Lavender
6:00p Whyteout
7:00p First Lady and Hugo H. aka The Love Team
8:00p Edie & Zebo


PROMONTORY @ 5311 S Lake Park Ave
12:30p Yoga Community Class (30 free RSVP's (Limit 1 per person) $10 per ticket afterwards.
2:00p Christina Mighty's Reggae Dancehall Class (30 free RSVP's (Limit 1 per person) $10 per ticket afterwards.
4:30p Sweet Spot Burlesque Class (30 free RSVP's (Limit 1 per person) $10 per ticket afterwards.

After Party @ Promontory with Ron Trent and Garth Trinidad


JOJAYDEN @ 1457 E 53rd St

Noon Joshua Mister
1:00p Akari Muhisane
2:00p DJ Unstable
3:00p Dj T Rell
4:00p Ashley Nosike
5:00p Keith Fobs
6:00p Richie Rich
7:00p Craig Elliot
8:00p Torin Edmund


CONNECT GALLERY @ 1506 E 53rd St

Noon Cooking Demo w/ B’Gabs Goodies and Dr. Ed McDonald
12:45p Skin Health w/ dermatologist, Dr. Onajin and the owner of TGIN
1:15p CPR Basics and stop the bleed w/ Dr. Abdullah Pratt and Dr. Airron Richardson
1:30p Health Panel w/ topics: ob-gyn, gastro, cardiology, ER, diabetes/stroke and dermatology